Hillsong Plants a new church in New York City

Let me be honest, I love Hillsong. I love the people, the music, the concerts, the mission. I love it all.

But lets be really honest with ourselves, it is so easy to get caught up in their massive concerts, events, dvd’s and music. Sometimes it just seems like a big show that ends up only being about Me and God and not about We and God. And that is exactly why this video gets me excited.

I love that they are stepping out of there normal shoes of “Rock Star Mega Church” and saying we need to just need to be the church. Nothing fancy, just living and loving alongside people. My favorite part of this video is when Carl talks about how New York is all about the show, and that instead of being lights, camera action, they will be “No lights, no camera and a different kind of action”.

Does you look this way? Do you care about people more then production of one day of the week? Do you drop everything for a meaningful conversation or do you give up everything to hide away trying to finish that next big project?

I know I fall into this trap far to many times. Do you?

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Man, that's awesome. It's …

Convicting. At least for me personally. I've always had a hard time with evangelism, which show a selfishness inside. Is tech really that important? How much of my time is spent with people? Am I in circles that allow me to interact with those outside of Christ?


Its interesting living in a culture driven by the show. Here in the city everyone you meet in some way shape or form contributes to the world of showbiz. Everyone is searching for their next break, the thing that will set them apart from the rest. In order to live in New York City you must be the best at what you do! Working for Trinity Grace Church:East Village I meet these people daily. Its funny that the emptiness New Yorkers feel can not be filled with a cool show, they need a break. a place where they can go and just be accepted for who they are and not for what they bring to the table. A place where church is just a show is not a break from the normal fast paced and brutal world they live in every day. Its cool to hear that Hillsong is another place where the small percentage of christians in New York City can find life, and then minister out of that new life. I am excited to hear that they are here in this beautiful city, and it cool to hear that they are not sold on one form of ministry. Contextualization is key for whatever culture your ministering in. Jesus is on the verge of huge things in New York City, we need all the help we can get!


How can I get involved!? Who can I contact? I live in the hudson valley and am for sure that God's called me to ministry through worship

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I hope they will also extend Hillsong here in Philippines as the country still got the top when it comes to numbers of Christians but most Filipinos are Roman Catholic, I think it is time for them to know the truth.

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