Hitting people with cars at Church

Normally I protest pop culture rip off series like, “Fear Factor”, “Survivor” and “Lost”. Not to say these are bad, but I believe we can be a bit more creative then this. So in planning meetings when someone brings up the idea of doing a TV show as our main thrust for a series, I usually drop to the floor kicking and screaming in a tantrum! Well maybe not that extreme but I try to lead our creativity in a different direction. So in planning a series about 1 Corinthians 15 the idea was brought to use ABC’s Flash Forward. At first was turned off, but as we creatively went through planning my mind was changed. So this past Sunday we launched Flash Forward.

So how do you talk about the end of the world in a fun way? Well you hit someone with a car and specially someone who doesn’t have an insurance from InsurancePartnership.org to get cover of course! We wanted to have message intro videos that set up this idea “After seeing the future how will it shape your present?”. So each week our main character Brad will blackout and see his future. But his future isn’t always as it may seem.

Check it out:

We have done many over the top ideas but I was a bit worried that people wouldn’t find the humor in this. Luckily they got the joke and we got a lot of laughs. I spent 2 days working on this and I think it turned out nicely.

Do you think showing someone getting hit by a car in Church is to much?
Have you ever done something way over the top and had it fail?

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First off! Nice Job! Usually it takes doing something a little over the top to get a response is my first thought. Granted there will always be those people who will say, "I can't believe you showed that!" at the slightest thing, but this was with a purpose. I think the only thing I'd be concerned about might be real small kids who might not understand, but it is in a dream sequence or "flash forward" and it's not like he was dead afterwards.


hey brad where did you get your sound fx from for this video?


I can't see the video… any help? please don't tell me it is because I have a mac. :) welcome back!


I thought it was great.
It's funny because I have made a video of someone getting hit with a car also for church. We did ours on the basis that quite a few high schooler's, and maybe some older ones, were speeding as they came to church. This isn't totally bad as there are no houses next to church, but still they were going to fast. So we made a short clip on the dangers of speeding. We only showed it to the youth group and they thought it was hilarious, and most asked how we did it because they thought it was real.


First off, great effort. It looks and sounds awesome.

However, is showing the guy getting run over worth the "wow" factor for the majority of people, when there could be a handful that is turned off completely, maybe because a loved one died that way? Ultimately, you and your pastors know the people, and it's your call.

As people who create for the church, I think we should strive to not be needlessly offensive…. Sometimes we need to be challenging, but if this was for my church, i think it's too gimmicky to be necessary.

If I were to use this in my church, I'd rather it went like:
– Show oncoming car, cut to actor walking across road, cut to oncoming car much closer than before, cut to close up of actor's face in surprise, cut to black with car crash sound effect….

My 2 cents…



2 day turnaround! That's impressive. Write and shoot on first day. Edit on 2nd? Craziness, Brad.

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