Honeycomb Wall Loop

[flv width=”620″ height=”381″ image=”http://churchmediadesign.tv/cmdwp/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/honeyCombBlured.jpg”]http://churchmediadesign.tv/downloads/honeyComb/preview.mp4[/flv]
Note: This Preview is a lower quality then downloads.

This looping background video is free to download and use, but please do not redistribute.

Widescreen HD(1280 x 720): mp4, wmv
Fullscreen SD (800×600): coming soon

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Sweet–now I feel like a bee.


I like this one, just trying to figure out what types of songs or other things this might be a good background for.


we used it as the start off to our worship set last week, then i found a still image and changed out the colors to match!


Just a thought on the naming of the ZIP files. When I download a bunch of these in one go it can be confusing as I don't usually have the time to rename them.
Maybe you could name them in the ZIP file. So this one for example would be "Honeycomb_HD_mp4.zip".


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