I Don’t Care About Today’s School Shooting But Then I Remembered

As soon as I heard about today’s tragic school shooting these were some of the thoughts that went through my mind:

That’s sad…
I wonder Why?
At least it wasn’t my town…
At least that won’t happen to me…
What’s next on my schedule…

It was that fast too. I have become numb to this type of tragedy. All I wanted to do was forget about it, treat it like it couldn’t happen to my town and move on. My attitude was reflecting that of a crazy TV Evangelist that wanted to lay blame on them, as if they had asked for it or deserved it, by saying my home town/life is better then theirs.

But that’s when reality hit me, My life isn’t any different, and I shouldn’t be numb to that.

I remember where I was when I heard about columbine High school and remember 9/11, but I also remember where I was in 10th grade when a classmate from my small town high school (less then 500 people) was removed from the building just prior to a peep assembly where he was planning to open fire on the school. We were lucky that it didn’t happen but it just as easily could have.

When I remembered that, All I could do was pray. Pray for hope in a what seems like a hopeless situation. This is supposed to “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” and I could have moved on with my day and tried to write off like another shooting, another war, another death so could keep that facade up, but I’m glad I was pulled from my numbness.

Pray with me not only for the people effected by this tragedy but all who are mourning in this holiday season. I pray that they will find lasting hope in Jesus Christ who came to save the world.

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Bad things happen to millions of people but nobody care nor does the president show face for them so just because its a school we are all supposed to care sorry when people have died in my family the world could careless so why are these people so special


I agree with this post. My mind did the same thing and then I saw everyone's overwhelming responses on FB about homeschooling their kids and all this stuff… I thought," why am I so numb to this:? as well

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