Import Final Cut Pro into After Effects

This week Nick Khoo shows how to use a FREE tool to take your Final Cut Pro project and import it into After Effects without rendering. Plus we get some free after effects plugin’s, some sweet Photoshop brushes and answer all of your WordPress questions.


Colorista Free – Free color grading plugin for After Effects
45 More Subtle Grunge Brushes – WordPress questions answered

How To: Import Final Cut Pro into After Effects

Popcorn Island – Free import script
Automatic Duck – Paid import tool

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I have a quick question: I notice that you make cuts from wide shots to close ups from time to time. Do you do multiple takes of these episodes? Do you shot with multiple cameras? If not, how are you enlarging the close ups shots without degrading the quality? Are you shooting in say, 1080, then putting it off to 720? Just curious how you go about doing this for your videos. Keep up the good work!


I wonder the same exact thing and was just about to post the same question! BTW, awesome videos. You provide such a wealth of info, help, resources, insight. SO AWESOME.


any info would be great


Thank you so much Brad!



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