Episode 121: Let it snow inside After Effects

This week we learn to create snow inside after effects without 3rd party plugins. We also tune up the performance of adobe cs5, edit online, learn about cdn’s and dribble across the 50 states.


MediaTemple.net launches ProCDN


Recommended ram setting for CS5
JayCut.com – Free online video editor
JoshuaBlankenship.com and his 50 states on dribble post
RenderTimeBlog.com – Video production freebies, tutorials and behind the scenes.

How to:

Get a non profit edition of the creative suites from cdw.com


Find more inspiration at cmd.tv/inspiration


Download this loop at cmd.tv/snow1

Download this loop at cmd.tv/snow2

Download this loop at cmd.tv/snow3

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BTW in the title Let it* snow 😀


Nice Brad! I was just playing around with this in December too with Trent's camera presets controls. Pretty fun! Great Ep!


Just watched this and learned a lot.


Hey instead of having to cut out the some of the beginning in order to make it loop you can just take a composition, double the time of what it would would originally be (e.g. 15s to 30s) and then do the work for the looping particles. Then do the same thing to loop the particles (toggle hold keyframe etc) but put the last keyframe for birth rate at 0 at 14:29 (e.g. on a 30 frame rate or the previous last frame depending on your frame rate) and leaving it at 14:29, pre compose, put a marker on the layer (At 14:29), duplicate the layer and move the layer that is on top over till the marker is at 0:00 so now you have a looping particle system and then you can just change the comp duration back to 15s as it would originally be. I find this convenient but either way it all works lol. =D


Thanks So much Brad….Learned a lot…


Great tutorial, thanks!
For the most realistic effect, I recommend using organic particles (captured with camera).

Take a look at the demo here: http://vegasaur.com/Particulas

And there are 5 overlays available for FREE!

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