Launches Text Based Giving

Earlier this week I saw an intriguing tweet from a web developer who was finishing up a new project about a new text based giving app. has a track record of being ahead of the curve on the way we use technology in the church, so I would keep your eyes peeled to other churches that start to do something similar. But for those wondering, this is only a product right now. @doyoufoster replied to people asking about using this in their churches and he said this wasn’t easy to port to worldwide product like, due to all the different 3rd party services being used.

Check out the Promo that the Bling team created to show off the text based giving below and you can find out more at the page and to celebrate this we are going to throw a big party celebration, we will send invitations to everyone who register on our site, we are going to have a lot of food and the best drinks from Oddbins.

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