Giveaway Day 3

This Guest post is part of the launch celebration.

As a Christian designer I know it can be like ‘pulling-teeth’ to find the perfect image. Before my brother and I launched I spent most of my creative energies designing for the Christian community. I designed over 2,000 Sermon Graphics to be precise, and it was a rare day when I found an image that ‘worked’.

You know the drill – download a rock concert photo, spend valuable time in Photoshop masking cigarette butts or spaghetti straps, and hopefully after all the pixel-pushing it looks like a contemporary worship service. Do you know what I’m talking about? Can I get an amen?

Those days are over my friends! Enter Lightstock’s Shot List.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just Request a Shot of a contemporary worship service? We think so. Here’s how it works.

Simply create an account and if you can’t find the photo you want right away, start requesting shots. Once Lightstock approves a Request, our contributing photographer base of believers will assign themselves to your Request and shoot it! You’ll be notified by email when the first round of photos are uploaded.

It’s a revolutionary service you won’t find anywhere else.

Best of all it’s FREE. You don’t pay extra. Plus, you’re not obligated to buy the photos after they’re uploaded. But we hope you do!

Visit the Shot List often to ‘follow’ other Lightstock customers’ requests. So if you also need a photo of “a home group Bible study” you simply click “follow” next to that suggestion. Our Partners will see that this Request has additional followers and is a much needed photo. It’s really cool!

FREE Photo

Lightstock loves giving away FREE photos! We’ve got a great photo for you today from Daniel Davis. Daniel is an ‘uber’ talented photographer out of Austin, Texas , but he works world-wide. He has over 500 stunning photos on Lightstock already and they are brilliant. Be sure to check out his Collection. Can’t say enough about how proud we are to have Daniel be a part of Lightstock.

Visit Lightstock today, create your FREE account and start Requesting Shots!


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