Giveaway Day 4

This Guest post is part of the launch celebration.

As a Christian Creative you may find yourself getting pushed and pulled in many directions. One minute you’re designing a logo for a youth outreach, next you get tasked to design the VBS flyer, and if that isn’t enough your Pastor just got you his sermon outline!

Lots of projects. Not lots of time.

One way Lightstock can help is with Boards. They help keep you organized and efficient in all of your projects.

A Board is simply a way of organizing photos you find on Lightstock. They’re awesome for simple bookmarking or sharing a group of photos with friends or colleagues. You can create as many Boards as you need. Create them on-the-fly when searching or go directly to your Boards page and create them in advance.

It’s nice because you can create a Board for each project you’re working on, and then if you need to get approval from a boss or client you simply share a link with them. They can click it and view all of the photos you’ve hand-picked.

We hope this makes your life easier! Jump out to, create an account and you can start building your own Boards today.

FREE Photo

Let’s all ‘give thanks’ to Paul Golangco for his free photo today! Paul is an extremely talented photographer from Dallas Texas. He is the man behind Paul Go Images and is a visual story teller with incredible passion. He has over 250 photos approved on Lightstock, so go check out his Collection today.


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