Lightstock Giveaway Day 5

So you just get back from taking down a footlong burrito w/ guacamole at lunch. You land in your chair and immediately feel that afternoon crash coming–fast. You need two things: 1) A piping hot cup of coffee to get your brain geared up for the second half of the day and 2) some light viewing material to inspire you and stir up your creative juices.

Enter Lightstock Collections.

Surfing our Collections is the quick and easy way to find out what we have to offer. A Collection is simply a container for related images. We’ve taken the time to comb our library for the signature stuff, showcasing the images we feel are most relevant to the needs and wishes of the Christian creative.

We’ve got practical stuff for church and ministry use such as Prayer, Bible Study, Baptism, and Worship, and also some more creative concepts like Conquering Christmas Consumerism, Worship Band Gear, and The Wounds of Christ.

So go grab that cup of joe and hit the internet for your mid-afternoon surf. Type and get ready for the ride of your life.

FREE Photo

A special thanks goes to Geoff Duncan based out of Austin Texas. His free photo today is amazing. Geoff is super talented and well respected among his peers. He has over 1,000 photos approved on Lightstock, so go check out his Collection today.


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