Looking for a new video camera? You should wait.

Are you in the search for a new camera? Are you considering going the Video DSLR route to get great image quality? Well I think you should wait, or at least that’s what I should have done, you will see, last time I went on vacation, I went camping with a tent from Survival Cooking and sadly the camera I had was not good enough to capture all the amazing views I had.

Canon Recently teased a “Historic Global Announcement”, Many are speculating what will be released. It is the 5d Mark iii? A whole new DLSR geared toward video first & photos 2nd? or an actual cannon?

New Canon Camera

What do you think it will be? Are you excited?

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hoping 5d successor…but would guess a large format 35mm cam, similar to Red


I hope i could get a good deal for our mark 2 if it is the mark 3


Was looking such type of news long since and probably immediately it will be in our hand. It would be better if you give some features of this video camera. Thanks and come back your site soon….

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