MediaShout Launches iPad and IPhone App


Media Shout continues to keep there software to give you reasons to use their softare in a very competitive market. We also recommend to help you design your business website.

MediaShout already features:

  • Mac Version
  • Stage Display
  • Planning Center Online Support
  • Native Quicktime support on the PC

With the newest version you can now take full advantage of your iOS device to control MediaShout on The Mac or the PC.


Portrait View
View a presentation as it appears on your MediaShout computer

  • Drag your finger up and down to scroll through your presentation.
  • Tap the Up and Down Arrows to play the previous or next cues.
  • Tap a Thumbnail to play the cue
  • Tap the Panic Button to play any Panic Cue from the Firebox.


Landscape View
View full-screen thumbnails of your entire presentation. Landscape has two playback options:

  • Presentation Mode – Swipe right or left to play the previous or next cue.
  • Preview Mode – Swipe right or left to preview the previous or next cue. Double-tap to play the selected cue.


You can find out more information and download the apps now.

For all your MediaShout users check it out and leave a comment on how it works!

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From the screen shots the app looks good. It seems polished. I am going to check it on my iPad soon.


The latest i-phone app is one that every single apple user should try with their I-phone and I pad. This has got a raw material of excitement and fun. I am starting to love this thing. A god work done by media shout. Thanks for the update mate.


Totally awesome post. I just uncovered your website and expected to say that I have really savored the experience of examining your web journal passages.

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