Mini Movie (Large Church)

Headlines – Matthew 16:13

Created by: Ryan Brien
Twitter: @ryan_b
Church Name: The Rock Church

How it was used:
This was used as a message illustration for our “Headlines” series.

Phos Hilaron

Created by: Kasey Allen, Jason Shreve
Church Name: Northeast Christian Church

How it was used:
Used as part of our teaching/worship time to introduce a candle that we carried into the worship service

Amazing Grace

Created by: Justin Jackson
Twitter: @thatjustinguy
Church Name: Central Christian Church

How it was used:
We showed this at the end of our Easter Service to help people cross the line of faith. At the end our pastor offered an invitation to accept Christ. It’s based on a concept we got from the Salvation Army

The Story of Zac Smith

Created by: Adam Kring
Twitter: @adamkring
Church Name: NewSpring Church

How it was used:
This video/story was used during the message as a teaching element. You can check out the message here
It’s near the end.

The Orchestration of Salvation

Created by: Nick Khoo
Twitter: @Nickkhoo
Church Name: Hillsong

How it was used:
During a sermon, illustration about how God uses small seemingly insignificant events in your life to lead you to salvation

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Best Mini Movie (Large 1000+)

  • The Story of Zac Smith (68%, 578 Votes)
  • Headlines - Matthew 16:13 (15%, 128 Votes)
  • The Orchestration of Salvation (7%, 56 Votes)
  • Phos Hilaron (6%, 54 Votes)
  • Amazing Grace (4%, 34 Votes)

Total Voters: 850

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9 Responses


Zac Smith, awesome faith in an awesome God! Healed forever!


Zac was an amazing man. I feel so honored that I had the chance to meet him… only weeks after he found out about his cancer. His final year of life was an incredibly epic journey of faith! Thank you God for his story and his ability to touch so many lives because of it!


where's immolation?


To God be the glory!


In my opinion The Rock Church has the best film, I would give it a 10!!


Dear Zac,
I'm sure you have really touched many hearts including mine. Thanks for sharing. I pray and I wish you well. Whatever happen God is good all the time.
Danny Caravana


Can anyone give me a brief description of the lighting effect on headlines at 3-4 seconds? I've seen it a couple places and can't seem to figure it out. Is it twitch?

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