Morning Motion – Relationflip

We started a new series last Sunday at Watermark called “Relationflip”, because sometimes our relationships need a relationflip.

There were so many directions we thought about going, but I ended with this fun youtube montage of flips. This also marked my first use of VideoCopilot’s Sure Target 2. Which made my short deadline a lot less stressful.

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One Word: "SLICK!!!" Love the colors and the motion plus a great use of music to bring the feel together. Where did you get the track?


thanks hal,

The track is a song by Eric Hutchinson that I reedited and only left the instrumental parts.

the bounce comes straight from the sure target plug in, it has inertia built in.


Cool. The reason I ask about the music is I always have issues finding good background tracks.


LOVE IT! Can I use it?


Well having watched that and the demo vid on Sure Target I'm left with severe motion sickness 😉

Cool vid though but the bouncing vid frames I personally didn't like.


The Colors, Animation and the clips are great but the music is just AMAZING.
Simple and great. Well Done.


that looks awesome

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