Morning Motion: C3 Internship Promo

Another great announcement video from C3 San Diego.

This video proves that you can get more info across in a shorter amount of time that any upfront person ever could.

Do you agree? or do you enjoy the “Talking Head”?

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Talking heads are helpful but so are these types of promos. But some of the information in this particular one move too fast


who is the band doing the background music???


for real, i was gonna ask the same thing, who is the band in the background?


The song is "Kings & Queens" by 30 Seconds to Mars.


How do they do the video effect at 0:05? Is it just desaturated and blown out with curves?


Hey Stuart,
For the effect, I just desaturated and then used the brightness/contrast filter in Motion 3. I know you can do the same with curves in AE. Cheers


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