Morning Motion: Haiti – Water Missions

Forget the tracking, the camera work, the music and text this video shows how the simplest of things can bring life to people.

Video Info:

We are honored and proud to have the opportunity to work on this non-profit project. These are the projects that make us proud of the industry we work within. Haiti is still in great need of help. To see how you can help please visit


Client: Water Missions International
Production Co: Helio Collective
Creative Dir: Chris Murphy
Director of Photography: Kina Pickett
Editor/Colorist/Motion Designer: Chris Murphy
Sound Design: Nat Kendall
Animation: Chris Murphy + Zach Johaneson
3D Tracking: Zach Johaneson

Music: Sigur Ros
x _ Song 1: Takk…
x _ Song 2: Samskeyti


Haiti Water Missions was shot on a Canon 5d + a Canon 7d.

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Awesome. Very powerful and gets the point across with no dialogue.


such a powerful video. i had to watch it twice. once to watch the technique. and the second time to soak in what the video was saying. and then i may or may not have watched it again, because it was good.


Is there another link to the video? It currently says "Sorry, the creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain". I would really love to see it.


That was inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

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