Morning Motion: Rush Infographic

Infographics are a great way to show data and stats in fresh engaging way. This video is no exception. Michael Jones has a great style that is consistent throughout and he draws you in and calls you to action.

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how long does something like this take to produce?!
I am an aspiring motion graphics artist in my last year in school and I just look at these awesome videos and wonder, how long does it take to complete a project so polished and smooth like this one?
should it only take a few days? a week? a month?


Videos like this take alot of preproduction before even beginning. I bet he at least took a couple of weeks for the completion of this project. Michael is definitely a great motion artist. Hope to see more from him soon.


Great job Mr. Jones :)
I <3 your keyframes.


That's so cool 😀

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