Morning Motion

This Tron inspired video is another awesome video Dan Difelice and team. This shows how to be inspired by something but not blatantly rip it off. Take note Church.

Video info:

Hired by JRLC to lead the visuals on this promo into a Tron-inspired world. Most of the 3d work (including majority of the scenes and animation) were created in XSI by Justin Burton. Compositing and some of the lighter 3d work in the open was done by myself in AE and C4D respectively. I worked through the edit and the mighty Salomon Ligthelm brought it to life with the sound design.
All footage at the end was made to be replaced so those are just temporary proxies for the final shots.

2d Lead, 3d, Composite, Design – Dan DiFelice
3d Lead – Justin Burton
Sound Design – Salomon Ligthelm

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[…] This is a stunning promo video (HT: […]

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