Morning Motion 100th Edition

To celebrate the 100th edition of Morning Motion, I wanted to let you know what inspired me to get into motion graphics in the first place.

I love a good piece of motion graphics, I always have. I remember my first After Effects class in school. When my teacher started to show the power of After Effects I felt like a whole new world of possibilities opened up. I finally understood how to create all of the ideas I was imagining. I stated to watch every video I could find, and paid close attention to the commercials/TV shows and movies that were out.

One piece of motion graphics that came out while I was in school was “Catch Me if You Can”. The intro to this film floored me, it was so creative. Every scene flowed into the next and it was backed by this super smooth sound track. Not to mention the movie that followed.

So on this 100th Edition of Morning Motion take a look back at 2002 and a piece of motion graphics that launched me into my Mo Graph career.

Created by: Kuntzel + Deygas

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I can completely see how this would inspire you. I loved the pages floating down revealing the person as they do. Great stuff. Congrats on the 100th episode. CMD is such a great help to me. Thanks.


I've always loved this intro.

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