Morning Motion: Acumar

Video Info:

The “Autoridad de Cuenca Matanza Riachuelo” (ACUMAR), with the production of Motiongroup, entrusted us a piece to spread their actions for recovery and improvement of a zone highly contaminated in our country, a basin of more than 64 kilometres of extension that affects more that 5 million people who live in this in extensive zone.
We have realized that to illustrate and to animate situations that communicate environmental messages makes us feel well! And cleaner!

Hopefully we’ll have more chances to spread this type of messages… Not only because of us, but for the planet in which we all live, that is pretty tired of so much carelessness and needs world level consciousness.

For Plenty’s friends, this is an authentic “Estevez Touch”! Enjoy it!
Directed by: Plenty
Art Direction: Pablo Alfieri
Animation Director: Mariano Farias
Illustration & Graphic Design: Elda Broglio & Pablo Alfieri
2D Animation: Hernán Estevez & Mariano Farias
Montage & Edition: Mariano Farias
Production: Inés Palmas
Year: 2011

Client: Acumar, Gobierno de la Provincia de Buenos Aires y Presidencia de la Nación Argentina
Production Company: MotionGroup

Music: Monosónico
Voice Over: Daniel Regina

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