Morning Motion: God With Us Intro

Series promo from Port City Church.

Video Info:

Week One video intro for new series “God With Us” at



We tried something a little different this time with our series intro. Our series is using the engravings of Gustave Dore as the central design theme for our branding and printed bulletins. As the print design was conceived before the video concept we had to riff off that for these animations (a different animation will run each week using the engraving used on that week’s bulletin).

For the last six months we started creating what we have been calling a “Scripture Transition” that is used in the service after the music portion of the service where the offering usually falls. This has been a way to highlight a possible scripture from that week’s message.

For this series we combined the video intro slot with the scripture transition to make them the same piece of media.

The mask reveal was made using some stock video and videos we shot of ink blotting on paper. The ink blots were layered on top of one another to create a large ink blot that could be timed to the music. Then that “big ink splat” was placed over the text as a mask to reveal an image or block of text.

All the animation was done with Apple Motion.

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I love the idea of a "Scripture Transition" like this. Nice motion work, too!


Really cool!

I wanted to know does anybody know where to get some of those paint drop texture videos?


optiquest, shouldn't be too difficult, it's actually ink lot, or ink splatter t hat you should search for, rather than paint.

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