Morning Motion: Join the Story, Plant Ventura

This animation is as smooth as butter, but it is only as good as the script that backs it up. Great work Dustin!

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I know keep doing this but uh the link doesn't work :/

But anyways Awesome Animation! I love these kind of animations! They are soo smooth and seamless but i just can't imagine how much keyframing he had to do lol! 😀


Hi Brad

I've watched this from far away, but it still impacts me. I wanna ask you if you have any contact info from Dustin? Your linked website is online. I dont know.

I wanna ask him, if I can reuse his great work to translate the text into my language and replace the off-voice. Friends of mine are going to start something almost the same.

Hope, you'll answer…



Oh my, god, I LOVE this animation! I actually think, this is the best thing I have ever seen! I'm stunned! Thank you very much, this inspires me a lot!


Thanks everyone for your comments, and thanks Brad for posting this. Sorry that my website is down, it expired a few days ago, waiting on the renewal. Brad linked my vimeo though.


wow, what a great job.
God bless

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