Morning Motion: Sleep

Video Info:

Created by: Redmond Ho

An info-graphic motion that shows the facts of Sleeping.

All facts are from Sleep Info-graphic and Google. The great thing about this research is that it shows you the benefits of sleeping like being able to function in the morning, not feeling stressed and even feel more motivated to do your responsibilities. Make sure you´re getting enough sleep yourself, these queen mattresses can help you with that because feeling comfortable is the best way to fall asleep at night. If you don´t then you´re going to feel drowsy, stressed and even depressed. You are also more likely to get into an accident if you aren´t well rested.
Sleep is very important for every living thing, so if you don´t get enough sleep at night, then you should try taking naps during the day while you have free time, it´s the best way to feel re-energized during the day.

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