Morning Motion: Super Bowl 2011 Commercial Wrap-Up, Best/Worst/Cutest and Most Impressive

So in wake of the Super Bowl last night, the only day of the year in which you skip the show for the commercials, here is my wrap up of the best/worst/cutest and most impressive commercials from the 2011 big game.

Lets start out with the WORST AD. Showing that they are social ignorant decided to make a joke about Tibet which has been plauged oppression and social/economic issues. Bad Idea Groupon.

Worst Ad

Next Up lets see our Cutest AD. Star Wars + Little Kid = Awesome!

Cutest Ad

Funniest Ad is a hard one, the Super bowl is filled with commericals that try to make you laugh. The key work in that sentence is “try”, many times these ads fail but Doritos did a great job of making me laugh, here are my 2 favorites.

Funniest Ad’s

The next commercial was a bit conflicting, it featured an amazing script talking about luxury cars in the midst of gritty Detroit imagery. As a Michigan native who knows how bad Detroit is, this showed hope for a dying city. But as a tax payer who bailed out GM and watched Ford stand on its own without hand outs from the government, I am not sold on GM any more. Not to mention Eminem’s contradiction between commercials.

Most Cinematic

My final award goes to the most impressive ad, NFL did an amazing job of putting the NFL Super Bowl parties into old TV shows. I would love to know how long the rotoscoping toke for that commercial.

Most Impressive

My favorite ad, even tho is wasn’t for a product was the trailer for JJ Abrams / Steven Spielberg’s Super8, I can not wait!

My Favorite


what your thoughts? What was your favorite ad?

If you want see all the ads and vote on your favorite, you can go to or

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Agreed that Groupon crossed a major line with their ad. Not sure why they went that route. Loved the Volkswagen "Force" ad. Was my #1.


@ your favorite, JJ Abrams and Optical Flares. Wonder if Andrew Kramer had anything to do with it.


Just for the record Chrysler is NOT a part of GM!


I couldn't have agreed more with the list! When I saw the introduction paragraph, I compiled the same exact list in my mind. Great post.

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