Morning Motion: TEDxDubai 2011 | The Beauty of Small Things | Main Titles

Video Info:

The main titles showcase the staggering growth of Dubai over the past 10 years through time-lapse satellite imagery, and act as a prologue to the event that seeks to celebrate the “small” in a location like Dubai, mostly known for the excess and extravagances.

The titles, together with the event, remind everyone that also small things can have a huge impact and that Dubai’s present grandeur sits on a multitude of tiny grains of sand.

Proudly conceived, designed and directed by METAphrenie in Dubai.

Music by Reiner Erlings.

Satellite Imagery: © Space Imaging Middle East & DigitalGlobe, members of the WorldView Global Alliance, all rights reserved.

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wow staggering growth is right!


That took some time! Wow! Great inspiration find!

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