Morning Motion: Trans Siberian Lighting Experiment

I know it’s past the holidays but I love this background visual that Timmy Allen created for Christ Fellowship.

Video Info:

Lighting experiment using the idea behind Nick Campbell’s GI-less tutorial (

I also used some simple xpresso to parent the lights of each object to the object’s material’s luminance channel. I talked about it a bit on (

This piece was used at Christ Fellowship ( as video support for their live open during their Christmas Eve services. It was really cool to see the musicians and the visual hits in this piece match together.

Music: Trans Siberian Orchestra – “Christmas / Sarajevo 12/24”
Purchase the song here:

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any idea how to achieve this effect ,i do not mean the intro but the slideshow fading in and out while u r flipping the imaginary pages.
looks really good and somehow organic-ethereal, of course sepia touch helps but how about the rest? if u find any minutes to spare i would love to hear from you

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