Morning Motion: Your Light

Video Info:

We all shine a light and that light symbolizes God’s love.
We all possess the power in helping others shine their light for the good of mankind.
Purchase for your church here.

Made with Cinema 4d and after effects.
Used a spline with spline dynamics with the light bulb attached to the end. The trick was to get the light bulb to not rotate randomly in the x rotation, so a little expresso was used to keep it fixed.

Light with hdri.

All light effects were in AE by using an object buffer for the light bulbs.
Starglow,Shine, and simple shapes with feathered mattes were used to make the light shining effect.

Depth of field was made by frischluft and a depth matte.

Particular was used to make the dust/stuff in a few shots, the problem I had was that when I open the .aec file with AE and make a new particular layer it wouldn’t show because my camera was in a weird spot…. and it was way off in space somewhere. I can’t figure out how to get it into the middle of my scene quickly, rather than go searching for it in black space in AE.

I’m not sure how to fix this…?? any ideas anyone?

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