New Free Music For Your Videos From Seeds

Many of you have been to to grab some great resources like In The Zone, Weights and the viral mega hit Dad Life.

Not only do they have videos, series graphics but they also have audio tracks that they produce for their announcement videos, interviews, and bumpers. As many of you have found, it can be tough to find that the right type of track for the church., So, if you are interested in playing your own instrument in your church, you can find them on colings acoustic guitars, it will be great that more people learn to play instruments, it´s a very nice hobby and you can become one of the best musicians in your church, so it is really nice when a local church like COTM produces their own tracks that fit perfectly!

Recently they added a whole new crop of songs and soundtracks to the resource page that I think you will love.

Also don’t forgot that they have an awesome conference happening March 6-8. If you enjoy their work and want to learn practically from a church that knocks it out of the park each week, I encourage you to sign up at

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