Newton, The First Physics Engine Built For After Effects – Now Available

It was announced a few week ago that the Motion Boutique was working on a first of it’s kind Physics engine for After Effects dubbed Newton. Newton looks to be a great way to handle collision detection gravity and many other realistic looking events that you can use for your animations. It is only 2nd, but we all know you can do alot with 2d in After Effects to trick the viewer. Plus it turns the simulation into normal After Effects keyframes so the animation can be tweaked and altered to perfection.

Main Features:

  • robust and fast
  • simple and intuitive user interface with OpenGL preview
  • gravity, collisions, friction, etc.
  • support of masks and shapes
  • handles different sorts of bodies: static, dynamic, kinematic, etc.

Demo Video

However it does come with a hefty price tag of 179,00

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with such gear soon instead of the program flash can be in after effects to make the game .cool thing

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