Non Profit Buying Guide To Adobe’s Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6

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Are you a non profit? Want to get your hands on Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 or the brand new Creative Cloud? I did some research to find the answers and prices you are looking for.

Creative Suite 6 vs Creative Cloud

Before you decide what to buy you need to understand the differences between the two options.

Creative Suite

Creative Cloud

Here is a side by side comparison of what included in each suite and the creative cloud.

Non Profit Pricing:

You can get non profit pricing for any of these suite’s or the cloud from many different companies. However I recommend using, they are very reputably company and the have an Canadian site for our friends to the North! You will need to call to set up your account or to buy Non Profit software, contact Dave Nozar the Non-Profit Account Manager @ 877.667.0833 (This is not a paid endorsement, and I do not get and money for referrals).

  • Design & Web Suite: $565 (regularly priced $1,899)
  • Production Suite: $565 (regularly priced $1,899)
  • Master Collection: $950 (regularly priced $2,599)
  • Creative Cloud (12 month subscription): $487 (regularly priced $600)

Important Notes about Non Profit Creative Cloud

There are 2 versions of the creative cloud, the normal one and the team ready version(will transition to team version when released in 3rd or 4th quarter). The regular one sold only at is a single use, single person license. The Team ready version allows for a company, organization or church to buy the cloud for their team. It has extra management features like, license redistribution if a staff member leaves, cloud storage management(give 2gbs to one person and 12gbs to another) and multiple cloud sharing.

The Non Profit version of the Creative Cloud is the Team ready version. Also many of you know that adobe is running a deal for current suite owners to move to the Creative Cloud for discounted price for the 1st year. This is tempting but the price only lasts for a year then it goes back up to the regular price.

How To Buy

Again to get the Non Profit prices for anything you need to call Dave Nozar the Non-Profit Account Manager @ 877.667.0833, he will hook you up with any version you are looking for. CDW also offers upgrade guarantees, which basically means you pay $100 – 200 extra and you get any future version of the creative suites for free. That is how I got cs5.5 and cs6 for free when I bought CS5.

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‘CDW also offers upgrade guarantees, which basically means you pay $100 – 200 extra and you get any future version of the creative suites for free. ‘

Im in the UK, with this offer i would quite like to buy it from CDW, am i able to do this? If not do you know anywhere in the UK that also offers upgrade guarantees?

Thanks for the great summery!



Thank you for this. I spent a very frustrating week communicating with Adobe trying to figure out how this was going to work. Glad to hear that things seem to be straightened out! Now, TO THE CLOUD!!!


Do you recommend getting team ready if there is only one person at church getting it? it still looks cheaper than the commercial one user subscription, unless not for profits are able to get student and teacher pricing?

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Hey Brad – do you have an email address for Dave Nozar


Is that Creative Cloud (12 month subscription): $487 (regularly priced $600) for one person? What does pricing look like for the team Creative Cloud you mention?


Does the non profit include one or two licenses? Could we use it on more than one? Thanks for the info, this helps a lot!


I just purchased Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection (32-bit) the complete set for $149.95


I didn't know adobe has something like this. Thanks for sharing. :) I hope I could fine a NON-PROFIT reseller here in our area. ASIA – Philippines.. 😀 God bless you more sir Brad..

Excellent allocation about non profit creative cloud and its all the valuable points and very truly I did not know anything about it but the allocation you did here simply makes me glad and happy. Thanks

Good info and thanks for the article


You nailed it. Great article. Basically there is no non-profit discount anymore. Just the discount for teams for the first year. With respect to how many licenses come with teams is you buy one seat which is equal to one license and that can be used on two computers. You may not be able use the adobe products on both computers at the same time, but i'm not totally sure on that. If you install on a third computer, you need to deactivate the installation on one of the other computers. For us, we would only ever need three seats/licenses max, and we don't care much about the 100GB cloud space that comes with creative cloud for teams, so i'm tempted to just let the individuals manage their own accounts and buy creative cloud as individuals. after the first year of discounts Individual creative cloud = $49/month. Teams creative cloud is $69/month, so we might switch to the individual rate after that first year.


Really helpful.

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