Northpoint iBand plus App list

Check out North Point’s iBand. This is a very creative way to spread some Christmas cheer.

If you want to see all 3 tracks check out the full video here.

Here is a listing of the apps used in the 3 different tracks thanks to Reid Greven :

Carol of the Bells:

  • Eddie Kirkland, SoundGrid
  • Reid Greven, NLogFree
  • Jared Hamilton, Melody Bell
  • Danny Grady, Guitarist (Nylon String)
  • Antwane McMullin, drums – iGog (MoreVox Acoustic 1 sound)
  • Rick Meeder, bass – Bassist
  • Steve Marcia, Guitarist (Electric)

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

  • Antwane McMullin, drums – iGog
  • Rick Meeder, bass – Bassist
  • Danny Grady, electric guitar on intro & fills – Guitarist
  • Steve Marcia, acoustic guitar on main melody – Guitarist
  • Jared Hamilton, B3 – Pocket Organ
  • Reid Greven, sax solo – Saxophone Musicofx
  • Eddie Kirkland, Percussions (Tambourine)

Feliz Navidad

  • Joe Lee, guiro – Percussions
  • Antwane McMullin, drums – iGog (Rock Kit 1 sound)
  • Rick Meeder, bass – Bassist
  • Danny Grady, nylon string guitar – Guitarist
  • Ben Snider, clave – Percussions
  • Steve Marcia, maracas & tambourine – Percussions
  • Jared Hamilton, melody solo & percussion fills – Bebot, Percussions
  • Eddie Kirkland, congas & bongos – Percussions
  • Reid Greven, piano – Pianist
  • Seth Condrey, vocals – T-Pain

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Who do I contact to book the iBand for an event?

Elwood Saracuse
ESP Entertainment
Toronto, Canada


Actualy they do perform gigs. They've performed for corporate events, leadership conferences, even for the First Lady! EastCoast Entertainment handles their bookings.

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