Outdoor Movies and Projector Doubling

Learn how to legally show movies outside. Plus how to double the brightness of your projectors! All this and more on this weeks ChurchMediaDesign.tv. Also, if you want people to know with your activities locally, use signage and banners from signmann.com.


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How To: Projector Doubling and Outdoor Movies

Swank Movie Pictures – Outdoor Movie Distributor
Disney movies available starting August 16 – October 31


Check out TelephoneMe.tv for a FREE font plus the other propaganda made for this film

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I wonder if you got pull off some 3D movies with the 2 projectors, isn't that how it works? on out of focus and the other one focused? I dn't have 2 projectors, but if somebody wants to try it, let us know if it works.


First I wanted to tell you that I love the episodes you post. The day I stumbled across this place completely by accident it was like unlocking a pandoras box of places, and resources I did not know exist. Thank you for that. It has helped me in my job, as well as kept me entertained on several occasions.

I think I must have overlooked it, but I could not find the psd file for beach week that you mentioned in your episode. I put the url you provided, but got redirected to this episode.

Hey, keep up the great work and look forward to what you post in the future.
Richard Smith


How is Swank different from CVLI for video licensing? Is CVLI not in full compliance because you use a home theater cut of the movie? Our CVLI license is considerably cheaper as a blanket license ($800 I think) vs the per use fees you mentioned with Swank. Any insight?


I have been doing this for years with the CVLI licensing. The only thing is that you can't advertise the movie title I believe and it has to be on church property. Another great idea is to use a radio transmitter so people can listen to the movie on their car radio. I got on at http://www.mobileblackbox.com for like $90 it works great.

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