Episode 119: Photoshop 3d Part 2

This week we take a design from Illustrator and turn it 3d in Photoshop cs5. We also learn some helpful tricks on cutting out holes, breaking up objects and reflections. Plus video compression 101, color wheels, Hillsong designs and studio lighting for Cinema4d.


HDRI Studio, from GreyScaleGorilla.com


Color Scheme Designer
Video Compression 101 three levels of understanding

How to

This tutorial covers:

  • Import Illustrator designs into Photoshop, and make 3d
  • Cut holes into designs to make your design look correct
  • Split Repousse Meshes
  • Reflective Materials

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4 Responses


Thanks for sharing my video compression post!

These shows are a great resource.


great stuff as always Brad… I am always able to take something from these episodes.

Can you speak to why there are some phantom neon pixels on my 3d text? In just one spot there are some neon green pixels and on another attempt there was a smattering of white pixels. All these occur right where the face meets the extrusion. Thanks for any wisdom you care to share.

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