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A few years back our lives were blessed by NBC (yes I know it is a first) by the introduction to “Minute To Win It“, which has fueled countless student and kids ministries for the last 3 years. But that kind of resource doesn’t fall in our lap everyday. The rest of the time we are in a never-ending search for the next best games to play and sites to find new games.

My search lead me to, which from the title you can tell is meant for P.E. teachers and classes, but I found this to be a great resource for games for the church as well. You will have to do a bit of sifting to find games that apply but there are some great ones.

The Best Part?

Each game comes with a easy to understand how to video.

Here are a few that I have tried out already that I think you might like:

And A Classic:

Find More Games

Check out all the games over at

Do you have a favorite game site or game that you don’t think many people know about? Leave it in the comments!

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Try HeadBodyFeet for creative fun. A piece of paper is folded into thirds and one player draws a head on the first section. The paper is then turned over and the next player draws the body on the next section without seeing the head. Same for the feet, and then the paper is unfolded to reveal how it all fits together. You can play online now too for free at

Thats really cool game.Thanks for sharing with us.Play Kizi

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