PLAYBACK: A Visual Worship Tool

My friends Stephen Proctor and Camron Ware have teamed up with Orange Thread Media to release an amazing visual worship tool, PLAYBACK.

This is is a great tool you can use ever week during worship experiences and by my math it is a great deal. Most HD worship backgrounds go for around $10, so 75 hd backgrounds plus a hard drive for $250 is a great deal. But you add 50 triple wides, 75 sd clips and over 100 stills this becomes an amazing deal, and the best place to start into your visual worship journey. You find out more info and pre-order it here.

Check out the specs:

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Hey Brad, I'm running an iMac a few generations old but still dual core, with ProPresenter 3 on Snow Leopard. My media library has really added up over the years and I've recently organized my files into folders like you talked about in one episode. When I reimported my library some of the video files don't show a thumbnail. I've also noticed playback has slowed down tremendously, and I think it's do to about 75% of my 300GB hard drive being used. I'm looking into running my media from an external HD in hopes that my files will play smoother and the computer won't hang as frequently. I'm using this same computer to record my audio podcasts of the sermons through Garageband. So, it's really getting a workout! I found this HD… but I don't know if I should consider the option in your article instead? The main drawback besides price difference is that we don't use triple wide. We have two mirrored screens in a relatively narrow room. Should I get a HD that has Firewire?

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