Poll: How should I use cmd.tv?

A few weeks back, thanks to a viewer tip i was able to grab cmd.tv. I was very excited about this but I am not sure how i should use it. Should I move my entire site to cmd.tv or should I use it as a shortener for posts and stories on ChurchMediaDesign.tv?

What’s your thoughts?

Do you have a favorite self hosted shortening service?

How should I use cmd.tv?

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to me, the shorter is better (I did vote above).
Overall, the name "Church Media Design .tv" is great marketing and is very telling of what it is with video. Plus, they are all "4th grade" spelling bee words that most anyone should be able to spell without needing to tell them how to spell it — except for explaining the ".tv" to the older generations. So, it's easy to tell people and it's straightforward in it's logic.

Just my 2-cents as a web designer, media photographer.


URL shortener. I don't think Church Media Design TV is a well enough "house-hold" name yet. Maybe another year in the design community and people will be able to immediately recognize ChurchMediaDesign.TV as CMD.



You don't have the option of 'sit on it till all of the .tv domains are taken and sell it for millions to an organization such as Cable Magico Deportes'. That's my vote.


I would use churchmediadesign.tv as you main url and use cmd.tv as a forwarder. This way you create branding on the web using your full name. People who keep coming back will probably use cmd.tv cause it's easier, but you want your new viewers to remember your full name by having to type it in a few times.

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