Pond5 Makes It Easier To “Try Before You Buy” With Adobe Premiere Pro Integration

Recently Adobe has been posting about “Broadcast Partners” for Premiere Pro. The basic idea behind these partnerships is a plugin for Premiere Pro CS6 that allows native integration with the software making it easier to you products and software in your workflow.

So far they have shown off:

Now most of these Services seem foreign to most of us in the church, but one I think could be very useful is the Pond5 Integration.

Pond5 is a royalty-free Service similar to iStockPhoto.com, RevoStock.com, AudioJungle.net and VideoHive.net, where you can buy Audio, Video and SoundFX for your projects. The problem in the past has been testing out this media before you hand out the cash and make an investment. The new Pond5 Integration in Premiere Pro look like it will help solve this issue.

After you login into your account you can download a low quality watermarked version of the video or audio clip, add it to your project and if you feel like it a fit you hit conform and the purchase happens in the background and seamlessly add the full res, high quality version to your project. Pretty sweet right?

Download and Find out more

You can download the free plugin here, works with both mac and pc but it does require CS6. You can also check out the interview Adobe did with Pond5 here and below you can check out a video on how this all works and see it for yourself.

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