Prolost Burns: The Easy Way To Get The Ken Burns Effect Inside After Effects


The Ken Burns Effect has been the go to solution to bring life to still photos in videos and film. Ken Burns originally came up with this process for his documentaries, since then it has been adapted by Apple’s iMovie.

For many content creators we would go to iMovie, make a sequence of Ken Burn’s effected photos, render then go to After Effects to finish the Project. Not anymore, now you can use the easy and dynamic Prolost Burns effect right inside After Effects!


  • Set the start and end zoom values, and your layer will smoothly zoom over its entire duration. Changing the layer’s length automatically adjusts the animation.
  • Use any comp size and any layer size.
  • Layers automatically dissolve based on how they overlap in the timeline.
  • Set a custom center point for the zooming animation, to draw the viewer’s focus.
  • Apply the preset to many layers at once for a near instantaneous setup.
  • Version 1.5 streamlines the interface and adds new scale options. And a really cool error message to remind you that life is unpredictable.
  • Works with Adobe After Effects CS6 and CC, Mac and Windows.

Cost / Promocode

$3.99 – For Adobe After Effects CS6 and Up

UPDATE: Stu was kind enough to us 20% off anything in the store by using the promo: cmdtv (expires 08/31/2013)

Want to know more? Watch the video below.

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Very cool! I hope he fixes the error he showed that he had to click accept 5 times.


Thanks! Unfortunately the error comes from After Effects, not from me. Adobe is aware of the issue.


can you bring in say 100 photos and hit go?

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