ProPresenter 6 Now Available


Today ProPresenter 6 is shipping for the Mac, the Windows version is still in development and will be available late Summer 2015.

So what is ProPresenter 6 going to cost you?

New to ProPresenter 6
Single License: $399
Site License: $799

Upgrading to ProPresenter 6
Single License: $199.50
Site License: $399.50

Buy or upgrade here.

Is it worth it?

After working on the ProProsenter 6 tutorials and helping beta/bug test I can tell you with out a doubt this is a worth while upgrade. The program runs faster then Pro5, has huge work flow improvements & tons of new features. I get excited about how much time this will save me each week, plus all the new features I can start using imditially, and I am sure you will do the same.

I try to be active in the Visual Church Media group on Facebook and I have found over the last month that almost every answer is “ProPresenter 6 will do it”, I think that proves how powerful it is.

Is it going to crash or be buggy? I mean it is the first release.

I highly doubt it. The release date has been pushed back and slowed down to make sure this version is worth using this weekend. Brad Weston head of RewenedVision has been using the beta at Catalyst and other major events events for months, but they still waited to release it until it was ready for everyone. I am sure there will still be issues along the way, as with any software, but I think you will see how solid it it is from day 1!

Note: I have freelanced for RenewedVision but this is my opinion solely as a end user.

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I am having extreme issues with bugs on Pro6… Issues that are crippling… Such as documents not saving! I enter in message notes, songs (and we do intricate song slides) and then I find that when I reopen the files later, some don't save! Their autosave function is severely flawed. Pro Presenter has yet to resolve this issue with me.


Hi bro… Do you know any tutorial logic pro x propresenter (midi module)..


If we upgrade from ProPresenter 5 single license to ProPresenter 6 site license, will the cost be $399.50 or the $799?


Another question…. If we upgrade to a site license from a single license, do all participating computers need to be the same platforms? We have Macs in the main sanctuary while our youth and children's church have Windows.


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