ProVideoPlayer 2 is Coming Soon, Check Out The New Features


Most people know of Renewed Vision for their flagship product ProPresenter, but they also have some other killer products. ProVideoPlayer is a vj tool to that allows for some very cool multi-screen, multi-layer, multi-video control, think of it like your background and foreground layers in ProPresenter on steroids, in the best way possible!

Version 2.0

It has been a few years since its last update so this version is packed full of great new features. Not only will you see some familiar additions from ProPresenter included but other extras that will open up new options and opportunities of what you can do with your visuals.

Some Of The New Features:

  • Layers and Targets
  • Transitions
  • Mapping
  • Slave/Network Control
  • Macros
  • Masking
  • Hot Folders
  • Custom Looping Options
  • Text Stream
  • Effects

Find Out More

ProVideoPlayer is due to be released this fall but keep your eyes on the website as they show more new features during their Road To PVP2.

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Finally masking. Seriously why can I mask in PP5 but not PVP.

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