Raw (Uncompressed) Video Coming to a DLSR Near You


Yesterday huge news broke when the amazing team at Magic Lantern got successfully recorded continuous Raw video on A Canon 5d Mark iii.

Check out some same footage that EOSHD shoot using a very early version of the software hack.

What is raw and why does it matter?

The basic idea is that raw video is uncompressed. So, all the data the camera receives goes into the video file. Currently when you shoot video on a DSLR, a GoPro or even your cell phone they all compress the footage, some do better then others but the footage has been compressed. Compression removes data that can be used in post when color grading, keying footage or applying effects. So the lass compress the better.

The Black Magic Camera’s (magic seems to be a key word when talking about raw) where a huge hit in the video world because they shoot raw video a very affordable price point. It’s not the same but this is what this new hack is going to do for the 5d Mark iii.

What does the new Magic Lantern allow you to do?

  • 14bit linear uncompressed RGGB raw video
  • Full frame mode up to 1920 x 1280
  • 1:1 Crop modes up to 3592 x 1320 (frames drop as you push the frame size past 2.5k)

Currently this is prototype software working on the 5d Mark iii, but EOSHD thinks that after a stable version of this is working we could see this ported to the 5d Mark ii, 6d and even the 600d but don’t hold your breath on that just yet.

Read more in depth converge at EOSHD

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