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Yesterday our kids director wanted to create lanyards for the kids volunteers. We have tons left over from the past but they are all the cheap badge holder type. These are okay but I thought it would be sweet to get ones similar to what you see at conferences and concerts.

I did a quick Google search and wasn’t finding what I wanted so I tried the next best thing, Twitter!

Here are the responses: – Used By Gurus Of Tech Conference – Used by Echo Conference (Tag) – Used by Echo Conference (lanyard)

What I Decided To Do

There are some really good options above but some of the pricing was a bit high so I started to think outside the box. We are going to get postcards from and hole punch them ourselves.

Here are the specifics:
4inch x 4inch
Color on Both Sides
Rounded corners
16pt Dull Cover with Matte Finish

100: $24.76
250: $33.92
500: $43.42
1,000: $48.35


Have you used someone else before? What have you done for volunteer tags?

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check out


We used these little laminated sheets that are about the size of a business card, (office depot i think), created the label, placed it in the sleeve, ran it through a little laminator (craft store purchase) and punched a hole in it. I think the sheets cost $7 for 50.


GREAT resource! Thanks for posting this. Going with the GotPrint option here for a new conference we are developing.

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