Resource Roundup: Where To Find Great Viral Videos

In youth ministry you can never have enough funny videos of people hurt themselves, doing amazing things or animals just being cute. Each week we kick off Moto (our middle school ministry) with a compilation video put to music, like this unicycle clip we are showing next week or the best fails of the month (which I edit for content and add a soundtrack behind). We also show another video to transition us from large group time to the upfront portion of the night. We call this part Viral, I have a graphic for it that you can download here.

So two video’s a week, for the entire school year, and all the videos need to be clean and still entertaining. You can easily spend all of your time looking for videos that the students will like and aren’t outdated. So how do I keep up with the never ending viral video craze?

Here’s where I find the latest Viral videos is only about videos and they do a great job of finding clean (visually atleast) clips as soon as they take off. I added this one to my google reader. delivers on its title, there is everything from cats, to pop covers on this site, however you might run in to some explict material in your search so be warned. I also added this to my google reader.

YouTube Trends

The Trends blog is run by Youtube and features 4 @ 4’s, in which they post 4 new viral video at 4am and 4pm ever weekday. The downside is, you can only see back 2 and half days. There is also a link the trends dashboard where you can see the most popular clips and most videwed by any region in the world, which is really cool!

Reddit Videos

If all else fails the last place I turn is Reddit’s video section. This has great content along side some of the worst. It is Reddit after all. The videos are posted using user generated titles so the names can be deceiving. On thing i do enjoy is how you can click the play+ button and view the views right on the page, and they do have great sorting features like, Hot, New, Contervisal, and Top.

Where do you find funny videos?

Where do you go, do you have any tips to share with others on the same never ending quest to make it easier to find funny clips?

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I use wimp, it's a great iPhone app! Also, all the videos I've seen have been edited for launguage.


thanks for the tips. You guys are awesome.

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