Say Goodbye to iTunes, Removes Yet Another Distribution Partner

blipTViTunes for a long time was a great place for churches and others to host their video content online for free and gave ways to monetize it. One of the huge powers of their site was not only free video hosting but distribution to countless over popular websites like Vimeo, YouTube, Roku, and others. This meant you could upload once to Blip and push your content out to all of these others sites, which was amazing. But God things only last so long.

The beginning of the end

In 2012 removed 12 different distribution partners including a big one Vimeo.

Then in 2013 they got strict on what kind of content was allowed on their site, trying to narrow their focus on episodic video shows. This wasn’t a big deal to some, but was a huge blow to churches who were using blip to host their video podcasts who were removed completely from the site as of November 2013.

Today Blip announces that they will no longer have iTunes distribution. As of February 28, 2014 you will no long be able to use for your video podcast feeds. I know Blip make money and narrow its focus but they are slowly killing all of the features that make their site worth checking out.

As of February 28 the only distribution partners left are:

  • YouTube – where all their content can be video and all their traffic comes from)
  • Facebook Profile – a very basic feature where makes a post to your profile with their player
  • Twitter – A tweet with a link back to the page your video is on
  • Roku – allowing your video content to be search via the channel on Roku

So the only “real” partner is YouTube, which is so large and important they can’t remove it, even if they wanted to.

Looks like I will be leaving soon, will be interesting how many other will be leaving as well.

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That's a tough one for content creators. Though iTunes as a platform doesn't leave much space for ad insertion, unless it's in the video itself (sponsored episode, or pre-roll / post-roll). A fairly difficult platform to monetize.

If you're looking for a tool for distribution TubeMogul has their OneLoad platform, I've not used it for a while but it promises similar distribution to Blip, albeit without some of the same bells and whistles.


Brad, what will you be using instead of blip?


yep, I was kicked off I guess I'll have to post to Youtube

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