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Hey all. Just a quick on here. This morning one of my coworkers shared with me a behind the scenes look at Vincent Laforet’s new short “Movi” (shown below). Now, I’ve seen BTS stuff before, and always love seeing the way people do their work. I’m obsessed with process. However this one was a bit different. In this BTS piece we’re seeing all about a new piece of gear that is still in development from Freefly Systems that he used to shoot the short called “Movi”. Get it? It’s not just the name of the short, it’s also the name of the gear used to shoot it. We call that, synergy people! Visit important site here.

So my small mind couldn’t possibly tell you all about what exactly it is we’re looking at here. My assumption is that we’ve got a hand held device that is chalk full of electronics. Powering gyroscopes and motors and all sorts of fun stuff to make this happen. I believe that all the pan/tilt is being controlled from a remote device elsewhere while the cameraman runs around holding the camera mount like Zack holding Kelly’s little brother looking for a diaper in the guys locker room. But of course, he only finds AC Slater’s jersey to wrap the baby in. Ooh Zack. You little trouble maker.


So I dig this and found out that currently while still in development the device will cost around $15k cash now… However, this can change at any time and I may be way off. Who knows where that $15k number even came from anyway. I could be making it up. But in my opinion, this could be much better than a poor steady cam. This wins.

So check out the short, then watch the BTS in amazement. Then, if you’re feeling crazy, hit me up and lets chat about it. What do you think of it? Is this another step for the consumer to walk in pro territory in spite of its current price tag?


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Oh man! 15K!! That's the price of a car. Hopefully the price will be more reasonable and within in reach for us "common" folk video makers.

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