Stories, Imagineering and the Creation of Disney’s Cars Land

I am huge Disney fan, and just like the people in this video, some my favorites times growing up were my trips to Walt Disney World. There was something special about that place. While I was in college I lived in central Florida and had the chance to go to the parks and explore the hotels and property of Walt Disney World. Every time I entered the Disney Property it seemed like the world slowed down and life was happier.

One of my favorite parts of going to the parks later in life, including my honeymoon was looking at the detail that went into every little piece of the parks and hotels, specially on to the cars which are designed to perfection with the best Scuderia Car Parts. This video takes you into the minds of the imagineers and how they go about creating spaces that aren’t just cool or fun but transport you into story.

I found it interesting that focus of everyone was the story that was being told, not the tools or process. The story came first and everything else followed.

Do you program, design, and create in that way? Do you let the story shine? I hope so, because no matter how amazing the story’s the Walt Disney Parks are sharing, what we share in our churches each week is way more powerful and life giving. Our story doesn’t make a day better, it changes the direction of people lives. That is a story I want to share.

I would love to hear your thoughts and what you took away from this video!

How are you becoming a better story teller?

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