That’s My King Round Up

The famous sermon “Seven Way King” spoken by Dr. S.M. Lockridge has been translated into video many times. Dan Difelice recently gave his take on this timeless message, like many other media producers have in the past.

So here is a round up of all “That’s My King” videos. Which ones your favorite? Do you know of other ones I missed? there more out there?

Created by: Dan Difelice for NYM’s National Fine Arts Festival in Detroit.

Created by: Igniter Media, you can purchase this video here.

Created by: Igniter Media, you can purchase the video here.

Created by: Albert Martin for Granger Community Church, you can download the video here (however the video contains copy written material from “Passion of the Christ”)

Created by: Dustin Bankord

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Albert Martin's for me! Very good technique used on all of them, but just a special spark on Albert's version :)


Albert Martin for Granger Community Church


Albert Martin for Granger Community Church


anyone got any ideas of other sermons that would be good to set kinetic text to?


Whenever we put a face on God (or in this case, Christ) we isolate and marginalize those who represent other ethnicities, regardless of Christ's assumed ethnicity. I like Dustin Bankord's approach – it's visually appealing (not harsh and chiseled like Dan's entry) and he uses symbols that do not pigeon-hole the already marginalized in our communities.


Here's one more. Willow Creek version.

I am curious where other producers found the audio for SM Lockridge, and how rights were obtained. Rev. Lockridge was with us at Willow Creek in the 80's and gave us permission to use his audio in our live events prior to his passing. I can speak for the producers at Igniter as well as Willow Creek, that we both tried with due diligence to contact the Lockridge estate to obtain permissions for publishing.

Just a waving the banner for integrity here! I think God meant it when he said, "thou shall not steal".


Greetings! I would like to ask a question, God has helped me to memorize "That's my King" by Dr. S M Lockridge and have video recorded giving credit to Dr. S M Lockridge and I would like to ask where can I get an official permission;, this is for the glory of our God and Lord Jesus only! Please let me know! Thank you. Kalpana

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