The Echo Hub Launches, Say Goodbye To Collide Magazine

Just over a year after Collide Magazine announced the end of its print magazine The Launches.

This might seem like a long time to launch a new site but after looking through the new site you can see why. Scott and the guys from paid attention to details and created a really great site that will be long lasting and contains a huge catalog of great content.

This new site is built on WordPress but you can’t tell from the outside, with its custom design and streamlined organization it makes viewing content an enjoyable experience.

The site is more then just a blog, its a store, and a extension of the Echo Conference. If you look closely you can even find me hiding at the bottom of the past speakers area(thanks to my awesome last name).

This is a great site so make sure you add them to your favorite RSS reader.

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Can't thank you enough for this post, Brad!

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