The Noun Project Get’s A Face-lift, Finding Free Vector Icons Get Even Better

One of my favorite resources on the web is The Noun Project. I find myself using icons in my designs more and more. And being a smart designer i don’t want to recreate the wheel if I don’t have to. So I hop over to the Noun Project and find what I am looking for.

Recently they revamped the site with new layout and made it easier to find great icons with the introduction of collections and profiles.

Collections allow to to find icons that all relate to one another so if your creating a project that has to do with maps there is a collection to help you find all the icons you need.

Profiles allow icon creators to show off their work, this also allows you to create a profile upload your own icons.

If you like making icons, make sure to check out their blog to find out how to become a pro iconographer.

Plus the new site is translated in multiple languages and you can get iconic (pun intended) merch from the store.

Want to know more about The Noun Project check out the video:

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