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Learn how to video podcast your sermon or teaching with, also we cover how to distribute your video to Vimeo and your churches Facebook page. Plus we give you a ton of great resources and free series graphic.

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This is so awesome, we were just trying to figure out a way to podcast our messages on our website, I think this is cool. My question is what is the difference then between doing things this way rather than using livestream or ustream?


Hey Brad, this seems like a great resource, thanks for the consistant useful information! I think this could be a great option for us once we figure out how to get our video into our computer. We have a Canon Vixia HF S11 – it's a HD camera with Composite, Component, and HDMI out. We have a Mac G5 tower, PPC 2Ghz dual core with Final Cut Express HD. I know I can't just record to the build in hard drive of the camera and transfer it to the G5 because they aren't compatible. Do you know of another way to make this gear work together? Should I try to use something like the ATOMOS ATOMNJA001 Ninja Video Hard Disk Recorder?


Thanks so much for the info on I have used it for two weeks now, and not only does it work well loading up to Vimeo, as I used to do, but it also now adds us to the iTunes podcast directory. (Lamb of God Church) The only problem I have is figuring out how to get our church website to be linked to us on the iTunes podcast description page. If I need a pro account to do so, not a problem, but I would like to avoid doing so if I can. I have tried contacting them for support, but just get back a formed response that basically says I am not the type of content they are looking to support, and then they provide links to their support pages.


Brad, with the new changes to Blip, I have concerns about our churches video content being removed from the website. Under their support pages, it says " At our goal is to help viewers discover the best in original web series. If you are unable to find videos you’ve previously uploaded to using our new search functionality there are a few possible reasons why:
* A review of your content concluded that it is not an original, episodic web series.
o If your videos are not part of an original, high-quality, episodic web series, then is likely not the best place for you, unfortunately. We're not interested in one-off "viral" hits or videos you're looking to just share with your friends and family."

Does a church podcast qualify as an original episodic web series???
I am freaking out as I have about 5 different ministries hosting content on Blip! Eeek!


cool. thank you.


Brad, I began using BLIP about two months ago. I love their ease of generating podcast, populating to facebook and the player looks great on our website. BUT, I just got an email that my account has been discontinued due to violations of their “terms of use.” After doing some digging around, I finally got a response from their tech support. They quote the below excerpt from their terms of use and that prohibited content could include sermons. So as much as I love the BLIP.TV service, I am now looking at other options. Has anyone else had this issue?

11. Prohibited Content: Videos that are not part of a high quality, original episodic web series can be removed at Blip’s sole discretion. Examples of content considered inconsistent with Blip’s definition of high quality, original episodic web series can include but are not limited to SERMONS, speeches, slide shows, webinars, screencasts, gameplay footage, tutorials, walkthroughs, meetings (corporate, community or government), personal (home movies, weddings, parties, vacations, etc.), music videos and content produced for other mediums (television, film, radio). Each episode must consist of original content created by the account holder.


now that blip is forcing preroll ads even with paid accounts what would you suggest as an alternative? I really loved how blip auto produced video and audio podcasts to iTunes. I don't think I can get youtube or vimeo to do that can I?

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